Elearning and Digital Cultures MOOC #EDCMOOC

This Coursera 5 week course is being run by the University of Edinburgh, starting on Jan 27.  About 38,000 people are registered on the course, apparently.

E-learning and Digital Cultures is divided into two blocks of content, and a final assessment.  In each two-week block we will consider a key theme emerging from popular and digital culture. First we will look at ‘utopias and dystopias’ and second, we will focus on ‘being human’ in a digital age. Throughout, we will be discussing how these broad themes relate to the ways in which we think about online education.

In the final week, we will ask you to create a digital artefact that depicts or represents any of the themes you have encountered on the course, and submit it for peer assessment.  By digital artefact, we mean something that is designed to be experienced digitally, on the web.  It should therefore contain a mixture of text, image, sound, video, or links, and be easy to access and view online.’

So far, I’m quite impressed with the interaction from the course team and activity of fellow students, mainly via Twitter, for me.

My only criticism is the range of communication channels proposed: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs and more.  I think it could be more powerful to focus on just one tool – I simply cannot keep up with all the social media options. That said, I’m surprised there isn’t a group in LinkedIn – wouldn’t that be more appropriate than facebook?


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